GSB Soirika is a free online matrimonial portal developed and maintained for the GSB Samaj Bhandavs endeavouring constantly to provide the Samaj Bhandavs with matrimonial services. Various Math’s and GSB temples are working across the globe and providing matrimonial services, is an thought and effort to bridge them all and provide a platform to access a single database. World around us is shrinking at a fast pace because of the technology, internet has made many things possible. We are trying to put together one such available technology to use. This will facilitate our samaj bhandavs and can evade one from running pillar to post.

How is different from other Matrimonial sites?

  • is an exclusive site for the GSB Samaj Bhandavs.
  • is a free to use site for the GSB Samaj Bhandavs.
  • is an effort to create a single database of the Bride/Bridegroom looking for suitable match.
  • All the profiles will be verified by the Admins before it is made visible.

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